Monday, April 11, 2011

Announcing RedSpartan

Today a private alpha of RedSpartan is being made available to compliance and security professionals for review. RedSpartan has been built from the ground up, incorporating features and workflow to benefit audit and compliance teams struggling with tasking and geographical challenges.

RedSpartan is a platform from which an organization can assess (itself or another organization) with industry standard or internal control sets. RedSpartan will maintain the customer’s control set and test procedures. This allows organizations to have standard procedures for all team members, but provides the flexibility to add custom procedures as necessary. Teams can review all procedures for a control in a single view and write a compliance statement for the control and/or findings.

In RedSpartan, findings are tied to test steps, eliminating confusion about what needs to be done in order to satisfy remediation. RedSpartan has a standard set of several reports and formats. The reporting is designed so that new and custom formats and reports can be rapidly developed and deployed, however that feature will be available in the future.

Future features planned for RedSpartan include: allowing for uploading of results from tools such as Nessus, Lynis and our own testing scripts; incorporating role-based access to the features of the system; an archive function; plus other exciting plans on our roadmap.

We welcome any and all feedback via Twitter (@RedSpartan), our web site or email (support -@- redeyetek dot com)

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