Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh the Hypocrisy

Norm Coleman. He is the guy that is currently locked in a battle with Al Franken for Minnesota's US Senator. Setting personal feelings aside (Go Al!) Norm is truly ah ... not good.

You may remember my post from July of 2007 where Norm sponsored legislation on called the Federal Agency Data Breach Protection Act. The short version is that the bill didn't even make it to committee, so whatever. The best part of the bill text is this:
(A) a requirement for timely notice to be provided to those individuals whose sensitive personal information could be compromised as a result of such breach, except no notice shall be required if the breach does not create a reasonable risk of identity theft, fraud, or other unlawful conduct regarding such individual;

Today, I find out that his campaign is responsible for disclosure of thousands of donor records. Based on what I am reading on Talking Points Memo, the campaign didn't tell anyone that their records may have been divulged and the site wasn't properly secured.

Way to go Norm! You should totally be a senator again. I am glad that you understand the issues that represent.

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